Nurturing the talent


Nurturing the Youth

Looking back last 40 years ASMPT has employed highly talented and creative engineers and scientists in the fields of Motion Control, Motor Design, Computer Vision Technology, Precision Mechanical Design, Process analysis and Computer-Aided Engineering from renowned local engineering school and faculties.

We make sponsorship to prominent institutional contests and offer scholarship in Hong Kong , Mainland China and United Kingdom to encourage students pursuing higher education. Providing college students internship in worldwide offices enriches their work experience and horizon. ASM Technology Award is a brand new initiative of ASMPT and a symbol of our commitment to technological innovation in Hong Kong.

At our 40th Anniversary, nurturing the youth is one of our highlight as we realize the importance of local enterprise on backing our local engineering students. Moving forward, ASMPT will continually contribute our expertise and invest more resources to a variety of campaign beneficial to youth .