ASM Technology Award 2015” Winners

“ASM Technology Award 2015”  Winners

We are pleased to announce the following winners of “ASM Technology Award 2015”, who will be received individual notification by email and phone calls. Invitation to our ASM Technology Award 2015”  Prize Presentation Ceremony will tentatively schedule in December 2015.

Comments from Judge Pannel

The Judge Panel was greatly surprised of participating teams’ high standard of project and presentation, endless creativeness and passion of innovation.

The participating teams’ final-year projects represented a wide range of subjects from the major universities of Hong Kong. These projects were of high quality and the presentations were well done, well above the expected level of a graduate. We are very impressed and wish them well in the future endeavours, whether continue to higher degree studies or pursue their careers in various fields, including forming their own start-ups.

Final Result



Gold Award winner – Mr. DENG Yubin, Danny from Chinese University of Hong Kong


Mr. DENG Yubin, Danny, a fresh graduate of Chinese University of Hong Kong, who is majoring in Information Engineering. His final year project topic is “Learning to Recognize Pedestrian Attribute”. Learning to recognize pedestrian attributes at far away distance is a challenging problem in visual surveillance since face and body close-shots are hardly available; instead, only far-view image frames of pedestrian are given. His study presents an alternative approach that exploits the context of neighboring pedestrian images for improved attribute inference. His project was commented as practical and innovative with advanced methodology. He also made an excellent presentation that is clear, thorough, well-organized and energetic. To recognize his outstanding project work, he will be awarded HKD50,000.

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Silver Award winner – Mr. FANG Zhou from City University of Hong Kong


Mr. FANG Zhou, a fresh graduate of City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Computer Science. His final year project topic is “Code Visualization and Grading”. In the past few decades, illustration about algorithms in education has always been a difficult task without the support of visualization tools. His project targets to provide an online platform for pseudo code visualization and provide user an efficient and convenient way to start learning algorithms. His research paper was commented as well-written with good flow, showing expertise in many aspects and good materials in logical manner. The presentation was thorough and the compact content was well-explained. Mr. FANG will be awarded HKD$30,000 for his well-done project work.

Bronze Award winner – Team from Hong Kong University of Science andTechnology


Team Members: CHEN Haoran, CHENG Xuran, ZHU Yuanhang, LI Jiayue and ZHANG Lun

The Bronze Award winner is a team from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. All team members are fresh graduates of  Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Their final year project topic is “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Vertical Take-off Landing and Horizontal Cruising Capability”. Currently, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attracts a lot of attention. There are two types of UAV as known as fixed-wing UAV and quadcopter. Quadcopter can take-off in any terrains with vertical take-off landing but it has a very low efficiency because it has 4 motors. Fixed-wing UAV has a greater efficiency but it requires long take-off distance and flat runway. The project team has designed a UVA with comparative advantage over the traditional UAV types. Their design was commented as practical and innovative in the market. It also applies broad technologies and thorough design work of prototyping. To recognize their passion of innovation, they will be awarded HKD20,000.