Rules & Regulations


To recognize and reward students with outstanding Final Year Projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation.


  • 2015 Final Year Undergraduates of Engineering or related fields of invited universities in Hong Kong
  • Final year project or equivalent by individual/group

Competition Structure

The competition comprises 2 stages.

In the first stage, 3 individual/group projects from each invited university are nominated and submitted by the faculty/school of Engineering to the Judge Panel for preliminary screening. The projects must be original.

In the second stage, candidates will be invited to present on their project content and details during a short presentation. They should make use of 20 minutes to explain the project rationale and method used, difficulties encountered, solution adopted, theories used behind and 10 minutes to respond to the queries of the judge panel.

The presentation will be held in the format of a conference where candidates can make use of posters or other materials to portray and visualize their project content.

Final results will be announced after the second stage followed by expert review.

Submission Format

All nominated projects are required to be submitted with a short paper in extended abstract format (PDF file) by the faculty/school of Engineering to the judge panel. The Project Extended Abstract should be maximum 6 pages in length and include:

  • A description of the project focus and proposed solution, with a summary of the approaches taken within the design process, the real life problems that the team is solving, and the main  claims for the proposed solution with evaluation results
  • Reference of design principles, sources of inspiration, and any relevant aspects
  • Acknowledgement of partial or incomplete solutions
  • Acknowledgement of any assistance drawn from outside the student team (advisors, faculty,  domain experts, existing solutions, users, etc.)

Judgment Criteria

The project and presentation will be judged by:

  • Creativity, quality & originality
  • Applicability and practicability
  • Application of technology
  • Clear communication of key areas, approaches & arguments
  • Clarity and organization of presentation
  • Relevance and clarity of presentation materials
  • Team dynamics (for group-based submission)


Project Nomination Award

  • Each nominated final year project will be awarded HK$5,000 with Certificate

Award Winners

  • Gold Award: HK$50,000 with Certificate of Merit
  • Silver Award: HK$30,000 with Certificate of Merit
  • Bronze Award: HK$20,000 with Certificate of Merit

Scholarship to University

  • The university of the Gold Award winner will be awarded HK$100,000

Announcement of Results

  • All winners will be notified individually by email by the end of August 2015.

Notes for Nominations

  • The projects should be original
  • Entries are to be nominated by the faculty/school of Engineering of invited universities only
  • All entries should be submitted (PDF format) by email to the organizer on or before 15 June, 2015 (Monday)
  • All nominations should not contain sensitive or proprietary information. Confidentiality of the  projects and related materials will be kept during the review process and rejected projects will  be kept confidential. ASMPT reserves the right to make final decisions in the event of dispute.